Thursday, May 6, 2010

Double Elimination Bug Fix

There was a strange bug affecting double elimination tournaments with qualifying matches. Under some circumstances after qualifying match scores were reported, first round matches would appear to get mixed up (labels would no longer be in alphabetical order). This would result in winners advancing to unexpected positions in the bracket. Fortunately, matches on the back end were fine, so the patch just applied retroactively fixes any affected brackets. Unfortunately, many people may have already run from Challonge in terror.

Thanks to those who pointed this out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gears Turning

There haven't been any major Challonge changes lately, but there are a couple interesting features in the works.

Custom Subdomains
I've been sitting on this feature for a while - trying to keep it as simple as possible. The gist of it is that users would be able to create custom subdomains ( and then publish tournaments to them ( The root of the subdomain ( would then act as an index for all tournaments published to it, and it could also be customizable with images, links, etc. - useful for arcades, websites, and other organizations. In order to allow someone else to publish to your subdomain, you would simply share a key string. For small venues, this key string could be shared between a few people. For forums, the key could be in a sticky thread in a private section of the forum. Anyway, comments are welcome. I'm hoping to get this in production this month.

Tournament Chat/Forum
I'm adding a "Forum" tab for tournaments which will provide basic means for communicating. This will be kept nice and thin and easy to ignore if it's of no use to you.

One of these days... I've been talking about these for a while. Free time has been scarce, but I'll eventually fit these new Challonge types in.