Monday, July 30, 2012

Break the Silence

Several months ago, I decided to get more serious about CHALLONGE! I had been at it solo for a while, and the technical debt of its early years were squashing my morale. Thankfully, a past co-worker of mine, Adam, agreed to partner up and help revamp the site. His work ethic and dedication to building great software and an awesome community for gamers has been essential for the changes we've been undergoing, and we're both excited to launch a fresh release of CHALLONGE! within the next couple months.

While the release won't boast tons of new features, it further simplifies the tournament creation process, delivers a revamped layout, and builds a solid foundation for some exciting work. We'll finally be able to hit the big features that have been heavily requested and essential for many online tournaments.

We also have a rewrite of our core elimination bracket algorithm that will vastly improve performance and lead us to a new type of tournament. I don't expect the algorithm to be wired in for the initial release, but you'll definitely be hearing more about this later!