Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bracket modules for external websites, finally!

Challongers can finally host brackets on their own websites. To help cover some of our hosting costs and avoid cluttering the bracket modules with ads, we decided to charge a modest amount for them. Most small venues will get excellent mileage for next to no cash (5,000 uses for $5; 20,000 for $15). The modules are ad-free and you can report scores and log in/out from within them - read more here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bracket Module Beta Testing

Bracket modules are finally in beta. If you're interested in testing them, send me a request along with your Challonge account email address ( Beta testers who send me feedback will earn some extra module use credits when this feature is production ready.

The Challonge favicon was just updated and I also added "apple-touch-icon.png" for iPhone users who bookmark the site.

Up next:
  • T-shirts - struggling with ideas here. If you come up with a great idea and I go with it, I'll definitely send you a free t-shirt
  • FAQ / Help page, brief screencasts?
  • Tournament tagging -- need to think this one over as I want to keep things simple.
  • Single elimination display options for conference tournaments - 2 or 4 brackets converging to the center