Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Team Support

Team support, the first of many features we hope to deliver this year, has finally arrived! We try to work on features that are highly requested by the Challonge community, and this is one of them with 64 votes in the feature request forum:

The next time you sign into Challonge, you'll notice there's a new team menu from the main navigation. From this menu you can view all of the teams you're a member of, or add your team to Challonge.

Teams registered on Challonge will each have a page that displays the team description along with listing all of the members of the team. Team owners can also make changes to their team from the 'Settings' and 'Members' pages (from the left navigation menu).

As always, we try to keep tournament management as simple as possible for tournament organizers. For tournaments that will have teams competing, all the organizer has to do is turn on the teams feature by checking the teams checkbox when setting up their tournament.

Teams can be added to the tournament by the tournament organizer by searching for the team's name. For team tournaments, we still allow 'anonymous', unregistered, teams to be represented by entering a team name into 'Display Name'. This can come in handy in last minute situations when there's no time to register the team into Challonge.

Additionally, if you choose to host a signup page, users that administer teams (team captains and team owners) can add their team to your tournament.

Since a single user can administer multiple teams participating in the same tournament, we've added a new 'Team Settings' page where you can manage all of your participating teams for the tournament in a single page. This page allows you to either set a custom 'Display Name' for your team for the current tournament, or to unregister the team entirely.

We'll be monitoring the initial teams and team tournaments that are created for ways to improve the team experience on Challonge, and as always we appreciate any feedback from the Challonge community!