Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dashboard Makeover

For years, we've had a no-frills table of tournaments on the user homepage/dashboard, but today, we started rolling out a much more useful dashboard.

The old: (pay no attention to my ridiculous number of test tournaments)

The new:

What changed:

  • You'll no longer need to change context from your personal account to organizations or teams; all tournaments related to you are now presented and easily searchable.
  • Quick reference to tournament start time and states like "checking in" and "predicting"
  • The option to archive tournaments to get them out of view without completely deleting them.
  • Searching, pagination, and filtering without full page reloads.

A lot of time was spent on new development architecture and practices for this dashboard, so the best is yet to come to the rest of the site. Hope you enjoy the update, and please send your feedback for further improvements!