Thursday, March 12, 2015

Challonge Madness Layout

The Challonge Madness Layout has arrived just in time for bracket season! Premier subscribers can now take their 64-player single elimination prediction contests to the next level. This new option is available from the bracket embed modal:

Using the Challonge Madness Layout unlocks a new tournament setting that allows you to require users to share their email address in order to submit a prediction. This allows you to award prizes to top ranking predictions.

When a prediction is submitted, the user is presented with a link where they can edit or delete their submission. Users can view their prediction scorecard from this link once the tournament has started.

From an admin perspective, predictions submitted through the Challonge Madness Layout will appear almost as if they were submitted from (emails will be displayed to the tournament organizer on this page when available).

For a complete guide on running your prediction contest or to demo the Challonge Madness Layout for yourself, please visit