Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bracket predictions coming soon!

Still lacking a few pieces, but we're hoping to make up for our lack of involvement in the NCAA basketball tournament by offering a bracket prediction extension for ALL Challonges.

Here's the teaser:

Once this is released in beta, it and the voting extension will undergo some revisions before earning their spots on our home page.

In other news, we've secured :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beta release of Voting extension

A user voting option is now available in the new extensions section of Challonge! settings. Facebook/Challonge! membership is required as usual, though I'm considering adding an anonymous voting option.

Here's a test bracket with very random entries if you'd like to check out the controls:

More to come, including module & mobile support, so look out for updates on this and additional extensions. Also, it's crunch time for March Madness, so if we get pools going again this year, you'll hear it here first. Though, it'd be nice to predict any bracket, and that extensions section has plenty of vacancy...