Monday, July 20, 2009

Bracket Reset points to challonge. Early on, that domain was actually favored for whatever reason...seems like crazy talk now.

Anyways, I just pushed up a "bracket reset" feature that's a step in the direction of a score correction utility. Resetting a bracket clears all the scores and takes you back to the point at which you can add participants and edit seeds. So, if you accidentally start a tournament before adding some stragglers, you can just reset, add them, and start things fresh -- no need to start from scratch as before.

I have a terrible time staying consistent with my Challonge priorities, but at the moment, I'm looking into sprucing up the methods for managing participants. Something drag-n-drop is the vision, but we'll see. Also, someone emailed me about adding Swiss Tournament support. I'm interested for sure, just wondering when I'll have a chance to push through that mind bender.

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