Friday, September 25, 2009

Major Upgrade Complete

Here are the highlights:
  • Participant management rewritten
    • Participants can be entered with a name and email address - the giant textarea for entering names has been dropped (except for the bracket generator)
    • Email addresses are looked up immediately and linked to Challonge accounts (previously not done until bracket was published)
    • Drag-n-drop ordering/seeding
    • Participants can unregister themselves prior to tourney start
  •  Tournament Sign-up pages
    • Challonge users can sign-up with a name or team instead of having to use account default (previously not possible until bracket was published)
    • Upon registering, non-challonge users are given a link to unregister in case their plans change
    • If you sign up for a tournament using your Challonge account, the tournament organizer will not be able to see your email address. The organizer can only see email addresses that he/she enters.
  • Score and outcome editing for tournament organizers (finally)!
  • Multi-set score view displayed when hovering over a match
  • Round robin rewrite
    • Scalable
    • Easier to read
  • Dashboard changes
    • Paginated table view of tournaments
    • Table view of open matches
  • Print preview views now apply the print stylesheet, so you don't have to use your browser's print preview for the real preview
  • Contact/Support now requires Konami Code to send comments... a nice alternative to captcha if you ask me
Bracket module documentation is coming along nicely. I still have a couple admin pages to write for them, but modules should go public in October. Here's a pretty bland module sample. As this demonstrates, you can choose to hide the upper-right control box and arrows, and all the colors are customizable. There'll be flashier samples in the docs later.

If you're interested in beta testing the bracket module, send me your challonge account email address via Contact/Support on

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