Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tags and Profiles

I didn't go overboard on this, but tournaments can now be tagged. The new user profile pages benefit the most from this as it allows users with several tournaments to get organized a bit. I still need to add a tool for better tag management, but this should be a good start.


  1. help.....can anybody tell me why I cannot access
    everytime i get directed to for some reason...........
    is website still down???

  2. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.....
    I currently have a tournament sign up going on ...the tournament name is XGE Tekken 6 Tournament 21 November 2009
    If the region that i live in is consider area that is block, can I at least get the list of the player name that already sign in coz i don't have any backup of it....
    I really need your help....thx
    btw my email is
    I really appreciate if you can email me the list of the players that already sign up so I can proceed with my Tournament...thx

  3. Thanks for the quick reply.....