Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maybe Next Time

Final results now include the 3rd place finisher (aka "Maybe Next Time"). Round robin ranking was improved a bit to support this, so RRs finally list the winners instead of just displaying a big table (though this is still available below the bracket). Single elimination brackets will soon be updated to support an optional 3rd place match between the semi-final losers.

Not sure when the bug was introduced, but the losers bracket print view is fixed for the bracket generator page. The [L-X] identifiers for seeding the bracket were all showing as [L-]...not very helpful like that. Whitespace between the winners and losers bracket was also removed from the print view.

Thanks to all who have requested new features and continue to support Challonge! November was a great month with a record number of published tournaments and verified new users. There are several new features in the works as we look to offer some new services.

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