Saturday, June 1, 2013

Organization Improvements

We recently overhauled most of the permissions code in Challonge, making it far easier to confidently add new permissions-based features. The first of the resulting changes deals with organizations.

Up until last week, organization memberships merely allowed users to publish tournaments to an organization's subdomain. They offered no shared permissions. Well no longer! Organization hosted tournaments can now be managed by all their respective members.

Along with this change, we also improved navigation on the organization pages for members.

Currently in development:
group stages, integration of improved bracket algorithms, redesigned brackets


  1. Question 1.
    We use Challonge to record and display Scrabble competition scores for an FB Group of 200 members. In the Brackets option we specify that the players name at the top starts each game. I noticed that when a Group of 8 are assigned to play the Round Robin Format, the Application sometimes puts a player on TOP for only 2 games out of the 7 he has to play. We think it should be at least a minimum of 3. Any answers?

    Question 2.
    We also use the ATTACHMENT option in each game to record the FIRST WORD played by the starter, in the description field, in order to be able to track the game. Since its mandatory to ATTACH a document we use a dummy. However, it will be nice to have this option with NO attachment at all required so we just use the description field to enter the first word played by the starter.


    1. 1 – agreed, it would be best to balance the number of top and bottom appearances for a player. We currently swap those somewhat randomly, but I'll make a note to change that.

      2 – done! There's now a "Text" option that just requires the description field to be filled out.