Friday, September 11, 2009

Challonge! == David Cornelius

Effective this morning, my name is "Challonge!", and I will now use "its" and "we" instead of "his" and "me." Very exciting stuff. This will give a slightly more professional feel when we start selling t-shirts and anything else down the road. Or maybe I just want a business credit card with "CHALLONGE!" on it...

In other exciting news, my buddy's working on a new slick logo for the site. This will help drive to second level (please watch the movie Zardoz). I'm hoping to launch this along with t-shirts, bracket modules (documentation and support pages about 50% complete), and some other site improvements.


  1. Anybody know what happen with's been down for almost 2 days now......

  2. Challonge has not been down. If you're getting bounced from the site, you're in an area that has been denied service.

    What region do you live in? When we detect server attacks, we often block fairly large areas if they're outside our target audience. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.....
    I currently have a tournament sign up going on ...the tournament name is XGE Tekken 6 Tournament 21 November 2009
    If the region that i live in is consider area that is block, can I at least get the list of the player name that already sign in coz i don't have any backup of it....
    I really need your help....thx