Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attachments, tips, and more hype

If you were to graph my Challonge development effort, it would closely resemble a sine wave. My wife and sleep schedule enjoy the troughs.

You may have already noticed, but match attachments arrived in Challonge bracket. Matches are limited to a max of three 250KB files for the time being, but you can add links to the big stuff. These attachments are perfect for game replays (.SC2replay files were the feature request), screenshots (great moments or victory proof), and links to videos or live feeds. Also, while the UI change was minimal, I spent a good amount of time figuring out where to put the attachment links. The update added some real estate for additional match-related features (voting being the biggie).

You know how full match scores and edit score links show up when you hover over a match (for the tourney admin at least)? That feature was overhauled with a different javascript library, so not only are the pop-ups more responsive, but the amount of code is significantly less. With it being lightweight, I added it to the base javascript bundle for Challonge, so this paves the way for help bubbles and more clarity throughout the site.

The hype: match voting, multi-stage tournaments, ladders, API

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