Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swiss Revisions

I knocked the "beta" off Swiss tournaments (again) now that I have unit tests to back up my confidence. Swiss tournaments will short-circuit if they reach a state in which pairings aren't possible -- a state that previously left the organizer scratching his/her head. Some language was added to clarify this possibility.

I believe that just leaves 1 issue which I'm not considering a beta-blocker. If you remove a player from a Swiss tourney after it starts, that player will remain in the pairing pool for the duration of the tournament, giving his/her opponents automatic wins. The player should in fact be removed from the pool, but Challonge doesn't currently support a variable number of matches per Swiss round. This change will be made eventually.

My current dev branches: ad-free accounts, individual match attachments & voting, ladders, android app