Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swiss Revisions

I knocked the "beta" off Swiss tournaments (again) now that I have unit tests to back up my confidence. Swiss tournaments will short-circuit if they reach a state in which pairings aren't possible -- a state that previously left the organizer scratching his/her head. Some language was added to clarify this possibility.

I believe that just leaves 1 issue which I'm not considering a beta-blocker. If you remove a player from a Swiss tourney after it starts, that player will remain in the pairing pool for the duration of the tournament, giving his/her opponents automatic wins. The player should in fact be removed from the pool, but Challonge doesn't currently support a variable number of matches per Swiss round. This change will be made eventually.

My current dev branches: ad-free accounts, individual match attachments & voting, ladders, android app


  1. I recently plowed through a test tournament to check out the viability of swiss tournaments.

    I created a 15 man swiss tournament and removed a player after the second round ended and the third round began. I noticed that the deleted player was still paired in the third round granting an automatic win; however he was removed in the 4th round.

    Was this just a happy coincidence or does Challonge attempt to pair them with nobody before pairing them with somebody?

  2. Individual match attachments sounds glorious! Any ETA on this feature?!? I'm excited :)

  3. Hello!

    First off I must say I love Challonge. It's such a great site, simple yet powerful.

    I have a suggestion though. It would be nice if there was some kind of (XML based?) API to your site so that one could fully integrate your bracket system into another site.

  4. Sorry guys! Forgot to turn notifications on for blog moderation requests.

    That's the one remaining issue with Swiss tournaments on Challonge. Removed players will continue to be paired and automatically lose. They should instead be removed altogether from the pairing pool. I have this in my development queue.

    Individual match attachments are live now :-)

    Zeta Two,
    Thanks for the kind comments! An API is definitely in the road map. It'll likely be RESTful and should open up Challonge to tons of interesting integrations. Can't wait!

    Thanks guys,