Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big spankin update

Private messaging has finally arrived, and with it comes a boat load of other updates.

  • Account usernames. Necessary for messaging and some other future developments
  • Inbox/Sent Messages/Notifications page with thread support
  • Emailed notifications and PMs are now optional for those who would rather just log in to see updates
  • Notification messages were reworked to include usernames and instructions for sending a private message to an opponent and organizer
  • Log section added to all Challonges. This will show who reported scores and when - transparency+++
  • Participants can now edit their scores in addition to just reporting them. They can only change outcomes (the winner) if scores for successive matches have not been reported
  • Fixed some forum bugs
  • Forum section is now enabled by default with an option to hide it
  • Videos section is no more. Past contributions are converted to a forum post
  • Participants list section added that shows seed, bracket name, challonge username, and link to send PM
  • The home page (when not logged in) was touched up a bit