Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big spankin update

Private messaging has finally arrived, and with it comes a boat load of other updates.

  • Account usernames. Necessary for messaging and some other future developments
  • Inbox/Sent Messages/Notifications page with thread support
  • Emailed notifications and PMs are now optional for those who would rather just log in to see updates
  • Notification messages were reworked to include usernames and instructions for sending a private message to an opponent and organizer
  • Log section added to all Challonges. This will show who reported scores and when - transparency+++
  • Participants can now edit their scores in addition to just reporting them. They can only change outcomes (the winner) if scores for successive matches have not been reported
  • Fixed some forum bugs
  • Forum section is now enabled by default with an option to hide it
  • Videos section is no more. Past contributions are converted to a forum post
  • Participants list section added that shows seed, bracket name, challonge username, and link to send PM
  • The home page (when not logged in) was touched up a bit


  1. Quick question: is there an option to create a bracket contest that allows people to predict the winner, like the NCAA tourney? Or do I need to create separate polls and enter the results?

  2. Nope, no option for bracket predictions yet, but that's on the road map for future development.

    Our 2011 NCAA tourney pools will have several improvements over last year, but that system isn't generic enough yet to use with any tournament bracket.

  3. Any chance of posting quarter scores? We want to do this for all the major bridge tournaments (many thousands of viewers), but this is absolutely essential.

    A format like you have, where the quarter scores show to the right but then (instead of showing 3 games to 1 it would be just the total number scored). Picture an NBA Basketball game.

    That would be so huge

  4. Sorry for the moderation delay! I forgot to turn on the email notification for approval requests.

    I agree, this is definitely a good idea for several sports like basketball. I'll add it to the queue.